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Ah the meme continues. No Mr. Hickman, it wasn't "the price" of the subscription, it was "the quality of the service" for the price of the subscription that drove people away. In fact, your patch 1.4 "quality of life fixes" forced me back to World of Warcraft. Fix your game and tell us the truth.

EDIT: You know keeping legitimate complaints from your management only keeps them in the dark. SWTOR is not in the state they think it is. If you continue to delete posts that describe problems (like the graphics issues which make it near impossible for me to play your game since patch 1.4) they will continue to write fluff and spin pieces. You are fooling no one.

it's not paying $15. i know it is easy to blame the economy and the difficulties coming up with a subscription fee. but, i just don't see it that way.

the content dried up. 3 WZ's since launch, a year later we have.....4. 4 of the same maps, same game. how bout a capture the flag, floating/spawning objective, etc. etc.

i've done the same FP's about 50 times.

it's NOT $15. it's the lack of content in PvE and PvP, OWPvP, LAG, graphics issues, and the unbalance/CC's in PvP.

this game was absolutely AWESOME pre 1.2...somewhat because it was "new", but mostly because of the PvP and the challenge of FP's. i can solo 4 FP's and duo all but LI (and we almost did!!).

that's my problems with SWTOR, NOT 15 friggin dollars.
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