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11.07.2012 , 10:30 AM | #7
Well, they nerf that tank because of the PVP whiners,(nerf armor and the self-heal) and broke it in PVE, the self heal dont come close do help when it can be hit 6k on TFB HM.
Dark Ward? the last boss can take out 5 of then in one hit, if you are unlucky, 2 hit and you are out,sure in that time you dont take alot of damage but after the abilitie is still on CD,and you get hit hard, if the other tank was some kind of debuff and cant take it from you?, well no choice beside take the damage and hope you dont die,after that you need a realy good healer to keep you and your group up.
sure you can tank all end game, with more or less problems, but if ppl have a choice, sin\shadows are the last tank any group want to take