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And yet again you ignore the biggest topic on peoples minds, PvP. How this wasn't top of your list of reasons you went FTP is beyond me. Everyone I know who has quit, quit over PvP after the balance changes in 1.2. Everyone I know who would like to come back but won't, won't because PvP is still a big mess from 1.2. You should change that top point to read;

1. Our PvP was awesome. Now people hate it and don't want to play it.

You've even admitted it yourselves, you had no idea PvP was going to be so popular, so why are you not doing more about it? There are millions of avid PvP'ers out there and SWTOR could be a real home, but it will never be a home to those players if you keep on ignoring your existing ones. Serious changes need to be made to make PvP a hospitable environment again, which means you need to start seriously listening to your player-base.

Stop ignoring your PvP community, it's beyond a joke now. I can't even begin to describe how little respect I have for you as a games company after the way you've treated the PvP community, it's disgusting, it really is. If serious changes aren't made when FTP hits, I'm out of here, and I won't be the only one I can assure you. And that's not even counting all the potential FTP customers PvP will put off right from the get go given the state it's in now.

Ignoring the problem won't make it go away, it will however have serious repercussions for the game, like it already has...
This this this this this. They took out OWPVP and added ONE wz in the past year. Still no start to season 1, still no implemention of Outlaws den, just some random space you can screw around in if you want, still no dueling in certain areas or dueling zone on fleet, PVE gets how many tiers of gear, pvp gets the shaft. Instead of adding content to PVP they make it ten times more grindy than any other game so that it just takes drastically longer to gear out.

And that's before you even get to problems with FOTM and OP classes and terrible balance.