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11.07.2012 , 10:12 AM | #214
Oh wow, another post that tells us absolutely nothing while at the same times telling us how thankful we should be for how much they communicate with us.

1. People want to play this game TO A POINT. They want to get whatever classes they like up to 50, finish the story, and be done.
a. People do not want to play your operations, they are not engaging
b. People do not want to play your daily quests, they get stale and boring
c. People do not want to play your rail shooter, they want 3d combat
d. People want to play PVP, you admit it's most played content in the game... so you take away OWPVP, only give 1 wz, and still no official start to season ONE.

2. LOLOLOLOLOL this has to be a troll. This is the most bugtastic game I have ever played. The technical aspects of the game are probably killing you more than anything else. Single threaded engine lolwut? Crash to desktop, memory leaks etc. From day one this has been your number one problem and it's all because you're a bunch of greedy little piggies that launched 6 months too early because MONEY MONEY MONEY.

3. How about "populations IN GENERAL," this game has been fading fast and your reaction has been laughable. It's like no one on your team has ever managed an MMO before (yeah I heard you say DAOC lol) From launch this was an absolute joke. Launched with about 5x more servers than needed, used massively outdated tech, took months too long contracting servers once the game started to die.

You basically nailed the three biggest problems on the head but from a slantwise angle, I still don't think you have any clue what's actually wrong with your game and why FTP is not going to fix it.