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We all know how fun deadlocked Voidstars are: Two teams lolsmashing each other at the first doors for the entire warzone... getting no where and accomplishing nothing beyond ego-padded numbers.

That is exactly what a simple arena team deathmatch warzone would be like. But that is so much fun.... right?

The only way that a 'deathmatch' style warzone would works is if the map itself was an extensive, multi-tiered maze style layout with traps/pits/ramps/hazards. Basically taking the Huttball map and combining it with Voidstar's multi-point spawns (depending on where you are slain in the map) and amplifying the map size to that of Novare Coast or Civil War. You could even theme it around a minotaur-esque type maze using the Esh-kha race and Belsavis as the world-setting.

Two teams enter the maze and the team with the most total combined medals (healing/damage/kills/protection/damage taken/etc) at the end of the countdown wins.

The only downside with this is that you most likely wouldn't be seeing the massive ego-bloating numbers on the scoreboard at the end of the match (which seems to be the only thing that most calling for a deathmatch style warzone want) because people would have to hunt/chase/EARN their medals.
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