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I have a lot of alts and have run all the FP's to death; adore my healers, love my dps'ers and tolerate my tank (she only goes out with guildies as I do not have the patience for over-eager dps in pug groups when tanking). I'm pretty patient in FP's, I don't mind watchers (unless its Black Talon, seriously people run the L10 version solo if you want to watch), I'm happy to help guide new-to-the-FP players through and I don't normally rage quit over minor (or major) mistakes.

For the first time in nine months of running FP's I got kicked from a group for suggesting the tank and other dps stop being idiots. Same situation as a few of you mentioned above. Into Boarding Party and the tank totally failed at keeping aggro on the first pack, healer took a lot of hits while the other dps hit the same target as the tank rather than clearing the little adds. I was trying my best to rescue the healer and we survived but the last enemy died with pretty much the whole party at half health and the sorc healer totally without force.

Common sense would suggest we all rest up at this point but nope tank immediately leaps to the next pack (if you are not familiar with this FP its 2 elite droids and I think 5-6 other adds). Yet again tank and other dps leap at 1 droid leaving me struggling to cc then kill everything else before the healer gets squished ... I failed. We clear the rest of the pack and I rez the healer. The tank is at 30% health, other dps is about 50% health, healer has just been rezed so is basically health and forceless so time to rest maybe? Nope. Time for Tanky to charge to the next group.

We somehow struggle our way through a few more smaller packs with literally no time at all between them for any of us to rest up (not that the tank or other dps felt the need to anyway). The healer is killing himself trying to keep up with the damage, I'm overheating trying to drop heals on the healer between attacks and the tank is running full speed ahead toward the first boss. At this point if I'd been the healer I'd might have let him pull and die but the poor guy was trying his hardest to heal up the tank before the evitable pull.

When I shouted "stop" in chat thankfully the tank did actually stop moving. I pointed out there was a difference between a speed run and stupidity and that perhaps letting the recently dead healer seethe for a second might be an idea before pulling the boss at which point the other dps initiated a kick on me.

I like a speed run as much as the next person but that was 3 minutes of hell that could have been avoided if we took a massive 10 seconds to rest after the healers death.