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While I am very happy to see this post and hope to see many many many more I can't help feel first that the three questions answered weren't anything new.

For a start I don't think there are many people who play MMO's that wouldn't pay 15 bucks a month if they felt they were getting value for money. If people were saying that the subscription was a problem it wasn't because 50c a day was too much and created a hurdle for them to be enjoying the game. They weren't playing the game or they weren't finding it fun so paying 15 bucks a month was a waste of money. But not nearly as much as playing something you don't enjoy was a waste of their time. As it stands free to play seems to be all about lock boxes and getting more money out of players by offering things that should be in the game for a subscriber in a low random generated way that costs people money to purchase. You want that helm you have to purchase a lock box and then you have a 3% chance to get it. Didn't get it this time buy another lock box!

But enough on what has been said and onto what I would like to know and there are some big things here.

Art Direction, lately we have seen an improvement to grass, facial emotions and shadows which are nice but doesn't detract that the game looks like a cartoon. Stylised was the word used which has lead to a game world that is not suitable for telling the detailed, rich and complex stories Bioware is famous for. My avatar is a little odd looking where I was given very very little choice in face so personally I find the nose too big the lips to big and the overal look far too familar with so many others out there. A major bug bear since you did such wonderful work on cutscens and conversations. I don't think any MMO out there even touches the multiplayer dialogues you have put in. And then there are the people I am interacting with and ment to be feeling something for, once again Im dealing with cartoons. All the emotion of the VO and the story is lost as I watch a cartoon with no realism to it die from me chocking or stabing or shooting it. Only I could be watching him goto sleep for all the impact the art direction offers. So are there any plans to have greater character customisation and more mature art direction?

A Galaxy far far away filled with aliens and strange species. For what every reason the TOR universe seems a whole lot more human than the star wars universe. Players are basically painted humans, none of the planets seem to have their own culture of feel to them. Even Voss didn't have a feeling of an alien world. There seems to be a loss of star wars culture, as any Imperial player can tell you two imperial soldiers are talking about strange creatures the scouts picked off and wookies. Any yet despite all the story and lore it doesn't feel that Im in this world of alien species, its horribly human where at best we skim the surface of new cultures and seldom go deeper. When will we see more alien species to choose from and more detailed impactful story telling of the different cultures within the star wars universe. Maybe its the art dirrection but I feel I know far more about Krogan culture from ME or the plight of my Grey Warden from DA than I do about the Hutts or Trandoshian or wookies etc.

Story and Companions were the big thing pre-launch. Any question about the game were met with 4 basic replies, we aren't ready to talk about that, we have full VO, we have story or we have Companions. I don't think anyone would deny that BW did well with Story and Companions. But it seems that while it was a nice ride both are over now as there is limited repeative story and no use of Companions in end game content outside of the daily grind. And equally annoying nothing you seem to have done in the story carries over past a short mail and perhaps if you are lucky a different option right after you make the choice the next dialogue wheel but often as not the choice doesn't even effect what the person says to you next. One example


And so we end up in the same problem of Dragon Age 2, where you don't feel like its your story you are just there to watch. So the point is two fold, will we be seeing more class and companion story and if so will it have some real effect on the game world or our characters? Cause at the moment you could space bar hitting 1 for everything with as much effect on either. With the light/dark/grey system being totally pointless bring nothing to the game except some cosmetic elements.

Finally when will we see Open world PvP and a meaning to PvP. And then how will you balace it with Battlemaster gear. Fight clubbing Huttball isn't everyone idea of fun and with the removal of Ilum it seems there is little to be said for PvP outside grinding out valour to get PvP gear. While ranked warzones are likely to make open world PvP even harder to enter for people that may not find the artificial confines of same faction fighting over alderaan as appealing. It will soon be a year since Ilum was removed and nothing appears to have been done on it. So when?