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Everybody has their own definition and limits as to what they'll pay.


(For the record, I also don't think many console games are worth buying for 50 euros. Console games have focused too much on pretty graphics and not enough on actual gameplay since the 360 came out. This has resulted in 100s of very beautiful but ultimately bland console games that fail to hold my attention. I now no longer purchase console games until they are reduced to 20 or less because I don't think they are worth the full price any more.)
Nice reply, and i understand the viewpoints, glad you saw my reaction as an opinion
and it's like you said, it's a personal opinion wether expectations are met or not, lets leave it at that

about the console games, i couldn't agree more, that's the main reason i now buy second hand console games for 5 euro

e.g. i've always been a final fantasy fan, and spent hours on 7/8/9 to finish it properly with all secrets n such. when i then play the new abominations for PS3, i'm sooooo disappointed, talking about linear on the rail game, thats what they are now. in that point of view tor isn't on the rails as much as that game
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