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Aubrac, i dont think you understand what a PvE server is. A PvE server is not one where you're barred from PvP, but a server that does not incentivate it everywhere. They all still have Illum/Tatooine (world PvP) and battlegrounds.
Getting the HK part will take you 20 seconds. get in and get out. Is this post really justified? The place will probably be deserted aswell.

If you're that worried just ask a couple of guildies to tag along with you for safety.
No, I don't think you understand. Many people choose a PvE server because they DO NOT ENJOY PvP! It doesn't matter that it may take 20 seconds. It doesn't matter that you may be able to go in there and not see a soul. The fact is that Bioware put a required component for content that is supposed to be for everyone in an area that will flag you for PvP when you don't desire to participate in PvP. Up until now, every player could just avoid the Outlaw's Den and never look back. Now you must enter the area if you wish to experience the new content that is marketed as being for fans of KoTOR and like minds.

Why give people a choice of what server type to choose if you're going to force them to flag for PvP if they want to experience the available content?

There's already a large thread on this topic and I won't derail this thread any longer. I've expressed my opinion about Bioware's seemingly "out of touch" approach to player's desires and choices so I'll leave it at that.