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All good stuff on here; it is interesting how end-game performance has developed.
Two points:
One of the main issues from PuGs is the disparity in knowledge of fights. A group (or part of a group) that hasn't seen all of TFB is most likely going to struggle with mechanics unless they are preparing appropriately. This is an area where in my opinion many people fall short. When I join an operation, be it pug or with my guild, I am always trying to improve my performance on fights and do the best I can to be ready for new encounters when we get to them. I feel it is my responsibility to contribute my role to the group as much as possible in this way. For example, the first time I need SM TFB I joined on last boss, but knew the fight better than most of the group because I had watched the video guide in detail. Unfortunately, I see many people taking a more casual mindset along the lines of "I'll just listen to whatever the raid leader says and assume I'm doing everything right unless he/she says otherwise." The raid leader might know the basics of a fight, but cannot be actively looking at every player for mistakes and ways to improve, so it should fall to the individual to improve as necessary. This lack of responsibility contributes to a lot of "poor play," and adding in the fact that a pug player is not really held "accountable" by any means, the lazy way out is very easy to take.

Second, some people lose that drive to improve even more when carried by an overgeared player. The high gear level of one player can make up for a multitude of mistakes on story mode operations, which creates a negative chain effect by only reinforcing the mistakes or bad strategies players are using. If they can complete the story mode content while playing badly, but always get carried by a higher geared player, it justifies (incorrectly) the mindset of not needing to improve. The issue becomes apparent, and can present a lot of difficulty when you reach content that cannot be carried through, or at least not easily. Players set in their ways will have a hard time changing, but they must do so as a few amazingly geared people is not going to cut it in terms of mistakes being made.

Going back to the OP, the group you encountered may simply have wanted to be "carried," or thought you were not dependable because your lower gear level suggests (once again, incorrectly) less knowledge of fights. I'm not sure how many people would lie about their fight experience to get in a group, but I can see it happening. However, in that case, it should become obvious simply by watching the player, so there was no reason to deny you the spot in the group as you could be replaced if you performed inadequately (which you wouldn't).