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If you look in the wishlist section of my askmrrobot profile you'll see my pvp gear (needs a bit of updating so hopefully others can link theirs). For pvp, you generally want more crit and surge as you'll spend most of the time running away, meaning most of your healing with come from your instant casts.

While my server (Master Dar'Nala) is small, I'd say I'm one of the top 3 pvp operative healers on the server (I naturally think I'm the best, the others disagree ). Heal numbers don't really help (my record is 960k, I've never had a nice stalemate that others have used to get 1 mil+), I'll usually average 800-1100 hps depending on the skill of who's shutting me down (overall in a match, downtime included). Against good players, you'll probably have someone focusing you so staying alive long enough to heal is crucial. For PvE I'll average about 2100 hps (varies depending on nature of the fight) and usually beat our optimised sorc in TFB. So, I think I know what I'm talking about, others may disagree

Have to say I'm looking forward to 1.5 and the free respecs! For pvp, never take medscreen. Unless you're up against lower skilled players, you'll almost always have someone attacking you (one hit from a marauder will pop it ). The lower cooldown on dirty kick will save your life so many times (interupts ravage, stuns pts so you can run away, etc).

My main tip for pvp as a smuggler is use cover. I always make sure I'm in cover (crouching is fine) whenever I'm not moving, as this means warriors and knights can't leap to me, forcing them to walk up to me, get flashbanged and have to walk after me as I've run away and dropped back into cover.

Except for an extreme instant cast play style, 450 surge is way too high. Mmomechanics ran the numbers on surge/alacrity for smugglers a while back, so I'll summarise briefly. Essentially, at 250 surge, alacrity becomes better for burst healing. At 300-350 surge, alacrity becomes better for sustained healing, so for pve you should never have more than 350 surge. However, one of the coming patches (not sure if it's 1.5) will be increasing the limit before diminishing returns sets in, so 450 may become viable in the future. In high level pvp, your heals wil almost always get interupted so more surge is good as you'll simply never get the chance to use underworld medicine (and thus alacrity is pretty much useless).
thx for the tip, i know am asking alot but can u update ur link (pvp gear) or tell me the numbers am looking for for pvp heals u already told me i need more crit and surge but how much more ?