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Hello, for the most part ive always been a tank and always will be but for a while now ive been wanting a dps alt, i have a 50 sith assassin a 50 jedi guardian and a level 42 sith juggernaut, obviously assassin guardian/jugg aren't the best dps wise id assume since they have a tanking tree (and lets be honest if you roll assassin/shadow jugg/guard you are more likely doing it to tank or pvp)

So, with that said what do you guys think the best class/adv class and spec is for dps?
You can't be more wrong. If Shadow/Assassin DPS wasn't so much work compared to other classes to get top numbers there would be far more of them DPS'ing. Just because a class has a tank tree doesn't mean they're a tank class. That's just like walking up to a random person working at a hospital and assuming they must be a heart surgeon.

Anyway, top DPS varies. I assume you're talking about PvE, but it depends on the fight and skill of the player to which class will come out on top. General classes capable of the highest DPS would be Vanguards/Powertechs, Sentinels/Marauders, Gunslingers/Snipers and Commandos/Mercenaries. Other classes are certainly viable, but will be behind those mentioned.

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Sentinal/marauder are undisputably the best dpsing class atm in the bleed spec
That is way too general to be useful. Sentinels are not always the highest DPS due to fight mechanics and adds. They CAN pull high numbers, just like any of the other classes I mentioned.