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After inspecting her battalion, Sabrina order Major Markus Get theese men to their ships, and lead them against therepublic. The main ground battle is to, comence once I hear from ravock. Major markus stood to attention, and then said Yes my`lord. then turned to space wolves, name sabrina gave to her battalion of assult troops. Come on you dogs, time to go earn your pay. Get to your drop ships, and get down their. The men started, running to their drop ships. It was platoon to a dropship, and then major markus and sabrina head to, her personal fury to land and lead the battle. She gave an instruction to her, ship`s captain before leaving Captian Tibirus, if any republic show up inform me at once. Do not engauage if, out numbered. Captian tibirus was proud man, did not like order`s like these. Thouh he new if he disobyed, he be lucky to live. Yes my`lord
Sabrina then boarded, and moved her fury to forward out post.