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...woooooow............ bugged as hell!!! most people, i tried and tried and tried beating the emporer time and time again and spent sh*tloads on repair. ..people keep saying 'use interrupt like crazy' ...well,interrupt was worthless;the cooldown was way too long which added to the ineffectiveness,T7 was worthless,heroic moment was no use at all ; every try when i'd pop it the emporer would throw me across the map and regardless of my health amount i'd land dead. nothing anyone posted in here was worth a crap and every aspect of the mission was garbage. so against my better judgement, i thought what the last shot. so after all that bullsh*t for two days of wasted time, ineffective and worthless tactics and tons of wasted money, other than running my fist through the monitor i thought ***, one last try.... i walked right up to the emporer on his throne,never attacked him but rather backed away from him preparing for HIM to attack and i noticed he followed me rather than attacking me. then suddenly it said "speak to the emporer" and he was knelt down holding his side in front of me with the green "turn in" emblem above his head.....i was like ***??? i never took a swat at him and suddenly he's down and beaten.
your experience is dreadful.
I waited this final fight since i read the novel "Revan".
Really, I also waited mr Scourge... but he was useless, as I used him: in every fight he suicides, and I put him in an angle to craft hilt and crystal. He was a delusion.
And so was this last fight, after I haven't used my sentinel anymore. I dreamed that moment for long, but..

no aspectative=no delusion