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I believe it's more about the poor quality of players. I've been with many people who believe they're all decked out and hot **** when they have more endurance then main-stat for a full 61 dps/healer. If you're hitting enrage in TFB SM, that's pretty bad. TFB SM is easy enough that a group in Columi shouldn't have too much trouble. Provided they have some idea about what they're doing.
that endurance thing is funny to see really seeing dps' with more life then the tank hehe.
anwyays, i wanted to quote on the last sentence.. something that we like to do with our guild is never read up on tactics and try to figure it out ourselves, which is really fun, because imo that way you really get to know the encounter, because you start off wiping a few times, looking at all buffs/debuffs and things the boss does, trying to find a way to cope with it and get passed the encounter. By far we will have a flawless tactic the first times we go through the op, but it's a challenge compared to groups that go watch tact videos overa nd over and don't think about what's really going on in a fight. so ye, especially with new ops, we don't have a clue what we're doing
though that doesn't make us bad players, does it?
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