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Ok, next on the alt leveling schedule is a sage. So, if you were going to do it all over again and in 1.4 (or 1.5), what tree would you use to level effectively?
I'm currently on my 2nd Sorc and have been playing an AoE-centric spec designed for flat-out speed. it's been working extremely well and is, in my experience, the best leveling spec you can get. It's not viable for anything at level 50 outside of dailies though. I'll show you what I'm using and try to get the terminology correct for a Sage.

Since you want to drop your first 5 into Inner Strength and Mental Longevity no matter what, you'll be best served by going straight up Telekinetics at least until level 30.

10-12: Inner Strength
13-14: Mental Longevity
15-16: Telekinetic Defense (Greatly reduces down time between pulls; this is a must-have for solo questing)
17-18: Concentration
19: Clamoring Force
20: Telekinetic Wave (This is a big one and the first major power spike you'll see)
21-22: Finish Clamoring Force
23-24: Disturb Mind (Not the greatest, but helps w/ elites and there's really nothing better to take at this point)
25: Tidal Force
26-27: Telekinetic Effusion
28-29: Kinetic Collapse (More filler, but this does help reduce incoming damage should your bubble break)
30: Telekinetic Momentum

Here's where it gets fun. At level 31, you can and should talent into both Telekinetic Wave and Force in Balance. These 2 spells coupled with Qyzen's AoE will nearly take out a pack of normal mobs. The speed with which you can now get through your class and normal planet missions is unrivaled by any other spec of any other class. The only downside is that you will not have any Force regen talents for the next couple levels, so you may have issues in drawn-out fights. Go visit the skill mentor and respec as follows:

3/3 Inner Strength
2/2 Mental Longevity
3/3 Clamoring Force
2/2 Telekinetic Defense
1/1 Telekinetic Wave

3/3 Empowered Throw
1/2 Jedi Resistance
2/2 Will of the Jedi
2/2 Focused Insight
2/2 Critical Kinesis
1/1 Force in Balance

Continue in the Balance tree as follows:
32: Telekinetic Balance
33-35: Psychic Barrier

This is your core build. One combo of TW > FiB > Forcequake will generally kill off a pack of nomals and any stragglers/strongs are easily cleaned up with Telekinetic Throw. From here there's 2 ways you can go with your spec. The first is to grab the bonuses to Crit, Presence, and AoE damage from the Seer tree. I'd really only recommend this if you have high presence from a level 50 Human and maxed companion affection on other toons. The other option is to just continue up the Balance tree; the key talents being Presence of Mind and Force Suppression. Honestly though, it wouldn't really matter if you stopped spending talent points altogether.
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