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This is a fantastic example, and I'm very glad you brought it up, because you have highlighted just where your reasoning falls short.

At higher levels of play, an Australian does NOT get the same experience playing ten games of Halo that an American does, for the exact reason I outlined earlier. In the US, teams like Instinct, Status Quo, Warriors, Dynasty, etc, etc, are scrimming each other constantly. Because there is a much larger competitive community, there is a much greater amount of high level competition going on. More players rise to the top, and more players get extensive experience playing on LAN, and are able to develop their skill set to a much greater degree (this is on top of a larger playerbase lending itself to higher peaks in terms of individual ability).

By your theory, Team Immunity should place near the top of MLG Halo tournaments, but instead they get eliminated by teams like Reality Check (LOL). They did manage 9th in the recent Halo 4 event, which is definitely impressive, but then again they have Ogre 1, so they're only 3/4 Australian strictly speaking.

Lol at your sad attempts to errect a strawman. That's not what I said, and you know it.
Firstly, my reasoning does fall short when it comes to a professional standard of gaming i.e. MLG competitions, what I am talking about is not for professional gamers but for amateur gamers which would be a majority of gamers regardless of location.

Secondly you said the US and EU were better at halo, cs and Starcraft then everyone else or implied it that way and it is common knowledge that Korea has some of the best Starcraft players at an amateur and professional level. Not exactly a strawman trying to point out that other countries have better players in different games then your supposed US an EU monolopy on skill.