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They said on GMA this morning that All Three Hamill, Fisher and Ford signed on to reprise their former roles in the new Saga. I had hoped that they would not have touched the Original stories in any form and gone a new fresh route. Hopefully its just small roles of parents handing off to the kids.
That is just rumor. Mark and Carrie met with George in August for lunch and, while there, he pitched them on the idea of VII, VIII, and IX. Then Harrison said he would have to see a script and know who the director will be before he signs on. There is speculation that he will require a write in to kill Han off as was intended in VI, but that is just speculation. The closest thing we have to anything sure, is Matt Vaughn directing, and that is just a firm "maybe." All else is fan speculation.

Unless you can post a link to a viable news source that is. Here is the GMA that you spoke of and it doesn't say anything like what you claim. Just that they are open to the idea. Far cry from signing on.
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