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11.07.2012 , 02:44 AM | #178
I remember a week or so ago, I queued up for daily HM and got D7. First thing I ask as we hit the first cut scene: "Killing Boss or Skipping Bosses?" Everyone else goes: "Doesn't matter"

I didn't need the gear, but the tank goes, "Want to kill the bonus boss?" and Everyone goes: "YEAH!" cuz I'd never done it and they hadn't done it in a while. It was UBER fun! We had a good ol' time running around trying to figure out the bonus quests and where the click things are.

Sometimes it works out. I personally I have never told anyone to space bar (Unless it is my BF and I am yelling at him for playing his DS while we lvl, lol). If people want to space bar, all good, if not, all good too, I can alt tab and check my mail or get a drink real quick.

I'm pretty laid back about things and am not the kind of person to get upset quickly at the game. Hit me up if you wanna do the whole FP in HM sometime I'd love to do FE bonus boss or D7 again!
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