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hmm for PvE i would not sujest full on Concealment for an Operative (more of a hybrid of Conceal and Leth is viable) and while Carnage for Mara is OK for PvE its better for PvP (though my Mara will be full carnage for both) PT pve is better in a full on AP build i belive. and for sniper its Full marx on pvp or pve marx is OP in all situations hands down. other than that im not shure about Sorc/Assain Dps and Jugg dps. My merc is heals and your merc is 50 so all i have to say is middle tree all the way for Pve and pvp
PT's have higher dps in Pyro. Snipers, it depends on the fight. Sorc is viable in both specs, although lightning is theoretically better.