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Yeah, because those statements saying that I got lucky and killed someone who wasn't trying are clearly inflammatory and trolling. Just... wow.
Wow, irony?

QQ some more. I don't want undergeared ******* in flashpoints and ops, but at least they make the queue pop. Get over it and carry some more, since you're so good.
Except for the fact that you can get a free recruit set by just turning 50 so they should dam well use instead of the crap that they wearing which is worse then the FREE RECRUIT ARMOR TO PVP IN, unlike pve where you do not get a introductory level gear set for free so undergeared people do have to grind for their pve gear.

If you think PVE and PVP combat specs are "exactly the same", your ignorance of the class is astonishing. Further demonstrated by the fact you think Master Strike naturally roots (hint: it's talented).

Didn't use Master Strike either.
It was not ignorance it was a an assumption that you would have the had master strike specced into the root, obviously I must clarfiy for every spec that you need a specific skill point for i.e vig guardians have the 4 sec cc immunity, but only if they use a skill point into it and apart from the obvious fact that everyone in vig should have that regardless, same goes for combat, forgive me if your not using the standard skill point allotment for combat.

Also don't believe that you managed to kill a healer by using blade rush and blade storm without using another key attack in the combat's rotation,no cc and by sound of it no interrupting either. Someone else probably helped you.

You're delusional then. The EU and US playerbases are far bigger, and have a much higher activity level in terms of competition between good players, which leads to much more practice and experience. This is a simple tenet that holds true in everything from Halo to Counter-Strike to Starcraft. Apparently you think you guys are the lone exception across the entire spectrum of competitive gaming. Good for you.
Most ridiculous crap i've ever read. I guess you'd also assume the best sportsmen in the world are all american or european too, simply because they from that country. An american playing 10 games of Halo a day is getting the same exprience and practice as an Australian playing 10 matches too. But yea I know why we get beaten by Americans when we verse them from our country over the internet is due to lag and server placement (surprise most game's servers are in america), and why Americans are like lol what is **** when an Australian hosts a match instead.
Also lol at assuming the US or EU are the best at starcraft, is that the koreans I hear calling?

That's why the Oceanic playerbase is always challenging for PVE world firsts, obviously. Oh wait.
Oh wait, I forgot that the downtime was during our primetime, so any new content release has to be effectively done on the next day, unless guilds are planning on doing well into midnight or later. Unlike the downtime not happening, during most American's primetime where they can attempt a new operation in the afternoon or even earlier.