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In a word: yes.

The primary confusion no doubt arises from the fact that TOR is billed as having ranged tanks. An understandable expectation since vanguards/powertechs use blasters. The fact that they insist on calling them ranged tanks (Tactical Role(s): Ranged Tank; Close-Quarters Damage) doesn't help. It's even more confusing since they also state that the DPS is close-quarters. (Admittedly I was always a bit leery about how ranged tanking was supposed to work - why would anyone use a melee tank if you could play a ranged tank and avoid a boss' melee attacks?)

Certainly, some attacks have a longer range and can allow these tanks to grab aggro (at least initially) at up to 30 meters. However, for anyone who has tanked with a vanguard or powertech there can be no question that to do so effectively one has to be within ten meters of the target.
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