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11.07.2012 , 12:18 AM | #32
**** man. Unbelievable.

Every time bioware puts out new gear it increases MAIN stat, ARMOR, HIT points.

Guess what heals are based off! That's right MAIN stat. Guess what Damage is based off. That's right MAIN stat.
Damage is naturally reduced by the players armor. But oh wait Bioware also buffs hitpoints and armor to offset the increase in damage due to main stat. What's offsetting heals? If you say damage or trauma I will reach through this monitor and slap your *** so bad. Heals are increasing in potency at a rate faster than damage. This is fact. It's not *********** debatable and yet here you are debating it. .

Why the hell do you think bioware altered the expertise healing mechanic in 1.2 in the first place! Why do you think the healing component is half of what the damage stat is? So what's occured since 1.2. They brought out augments for everything, Elite war hero gear, etc etc. Did the trauma debuff increase to compensate for the gear upgrades? No. Was the healing expertise stat reduced again? No.

Seriously smashmonkey.. Just stop posting.

"before I quit several months ago" Are you saying you don't even play this game anymore? Holy **** man. ****!