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I'm loving this game too, and I wish more people that did would post as well, because so far its just the noisy angry ones that should have probably quit, but have made it their missions to make this place and game depressing for all involved.
You are missing the point. I still like the game, and play a lot. But it isn't that great for me, as a paying customer, to accept being ignored for the chance to get Free to Play customers. I work in customer service and I would be out on my buttox pretty soon if I ever treated a customer this badly. You may be in your shiney shiney phase and not mind getting bent over, or even have that much investment in the server. I have been playing since head start and moved most of my characters over here. More than 200 levels worth of time invested. And I have been paying for 3 accounts this whole time. (Well, up until I recently cancelled them over this very issue) I'm pretty sure I deserve more consideration than than a potential free to play player.

Oh, and the reason there aren't many "I'm OK! Bend me over again!" Posts here, is because most of the people are not happy with the current situation. Sure, happy people don't post as much, but when you get a near 100% unified response you can be pretty sure that the population involved feels the same way. This is talked about in game, on other sites where you can talk about what to do without worried about getting banned, and it's talked about in the guilds. There was a Guild Summit on Gav recently to talk about this very issue.
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