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"lucky Dispatch crit
Either he assumed I couldn't do enough damage to beat out his heals (like most pubs, I presume) or he wasn't really playing. Probably both
Yeah, because those statements saying that I got lucky and killed someone who wasn't trying are clearly inflammatory and trolling. Just... wow.

Thats not the problem its the idiots going into pvp wearing fresh 50 greens or what other crap there is that is worse then recruit. So even in this "population" which still has plenty of pvpers I do not want a bloody 11k-12k hp sage/scoundrel/guardian/vanguard, etc, etc. ON MY TEAM.
QQ some more. I don't want undergeared ******* in flashpoints and ops, but at least they make the queue pop. Get over it and carry some more, since you're so good.

Pretty hard to confuse a pvp spec combat with a pve spec combat as they would be exactly the same, but you just have no idea how to use your's effectively at all in pvp and most likely could've beaten any merc healer that would be trying if you knew what to do, as combat can deal with healers pretty effectively. Btw master strike has a root, so unless you managed to spam blade rush until you killed someone I doubt you didnt use a root.
If you think PVE and PVP combat specs are "exactly the same", your ignorance of the class is astonishing. Further demonstrated by the fact you think Master Strike naturally roots (hint: it's talented).

Didn't use Master Strike either.

You will most likely be wrong that they are out-right better, and sorry I disagree with your opinion that because we're not US or EU we're ****. Terrible opinions are the worst thing to have.
You're delusional then. The EU and US playerbases are far bigger, and have a much higher activity level in terms of competition between good players, which leads to much more practice and experience. This is a simple tenet that holds true in everything from Halo to Counter-Strike to Starcraft. Apparently you think you guys are the lone exception across the entire spectrum of competitive gaming. Good for you.

Doubt it.
That's why the Oceanic playerbase is always challenging for PVE world firsts, obviously. Oh wait.
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