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Clearly you're reading different words than I'm writing, and I'm not sure what I can do about that. I made a tongue in cheek comment (indicated very clearly by my use of an emoticon) that was only intended to communicate that you can still do damage and have some sort of an effect in PVE gear. Certainly more than you'd manage in Recruit gear under certain circumstances.
"on my sent (min-maxed Campaign gear). Half-way through the match I killed you with a lucky Dispatch crit, then I popped Zen and just burnt Daffy down. He just stood there casting self-heals, didn't try to kite or anything. Either he assumed I couldn't do enough damage to beat out his heals (like most pubs, I presume) or he wasn't really playing. Probably both"
"Take a pocket healer and you can kill Carthy and Daffy in PVE gear "

I even used the word "Seriously" to begin the next paragraph. Not sure how much more I could signpost it for you.
Used "seriously" to your second statement on that post to raise awareness that surprise, high level pve gear i.e camp/BH is better then recruit. Thats not the problem its the idiots going into pvp wearing fresh 50 greens or what other crap there is that is worse then recruit. So even in this "population" which still has plenty of pvpers I do not want a bloody 11k-12k hp sage/scoundrel/guardian/vanguard, etc, etc. ON MY TEAM.

Fkn lol. PVE spec thanks. Didn't use any roots. Certainly don't have Crippling Throw on my bar (it's still at level 1, no upgrades purchased). How many times do I have to explain that Daffy wasn't playing properly? It's not that hard of a concept to communicate. If he had been, I wouldn't have been able to kill him.
Pretty hard to confuse a pvp spec combat with a pve spec combat as they would be exactly the same, but you just have no idea how to use your's effectively at all in pvp and most likely could've beaten any merc healer that would be trying if you knew what to do, as combat can deal with healers pretty effectively. Btw master strike has a root, so unless you managed to spam blade rush until you killed someone I doubt you didnt use a root.

How about you stop being so sensitive? I'm willing to bet that if you identified the best PVP players from EU and US servers, they'd be better than you guys. I might be wrong. What's it to you anyway? It's my opinion on a video game.
You will most likely be wrong that they are out-right better, and sorry I disagree with your opinion that because we're not US or EU we're ****. Terrible opinions are the worst thing to have.

The best US/EU ops groups are most likely better than us. This doesn't upset my precious sensibilities, though.
Doubt it.