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And the TTK is perfectly fine for most classes. I have two healers. I can keep people alive plenty fine. In fact, when two equal teams play each other in RWZs, nobody ends up capping mid in CW, or south in NC, or get past first door in VS because teams can't kill players fast enough before they come running back.
This is such a good point. It's like the WZ matches are designed to have a gear imbalance. Every 10 matches or so, you get even teams, and this stalemate happens.

As for resolve - it sucked before, and it sucks even more now.
I played against a team that was really working their stuns today. I had a good healer on me, so I wasn't dying a whole lot, but I was stunned nearly constantly, and if I wasn't stunned, I was rooted. My resolve would build, I would have a white bar for a few seconds, take a couple swings at their healer, and then it was stun time again.
As a Sentinel, I spent 85% of the time trying to close the gap, and only 15% actually doing some damage.