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You've clearly not played a sniper much, if at all, as they are the only class with a baseline aoe root. It's apparent you don't really know what you're talking about.

You also don't realize what your resolve change will do to healers. It will make it nearly impossible to kill them. Getting a healer to 30% and then hard stunning them is pretty much the only way they will die right now.

Your main issue seems to be that baddies aren't punished for spamming CCs. Well if we revert the resolve system to pre 1.4, baddies will once again be punished for spamming CCs. Problem solved.
the 30% thing only applies to operatives. any sage can be burned down simply by interrupting (counting stuns/mezzes for interrupts but the 30% thing is insignificant). as for mercs, it's a question of outlasting their shield. once you've forced them to use their shield, they are no different from sages. interrupt them a couple times and they die. operatives, however, have too strong 'non-cast' heals to do this with, and they get a massive buff at 30%

as for the QQ about roots adding to resolve, that would only balance out the fact that resolve fills 50% slower post 1.4. so yeah, ok. it adds to resolve. guess what? it takes more resolve to fill the bar anyway. and why in the hell should two snipers be able to 'chain root' a melee? btw, no, i haven't played a gs/sniper. but my main is a commando, and healing was far from my first choice. I know what it's like to not have any root at all. no interrupt. a lousy kb that only worked as an interrupt that built resolve. and here you have one of the best dcds in the game. another dcd that the entire raid can benefit from. a melee stun. a ranged stun/mezz (I think it's a ranged flash?). a root. and you wanna cry foul cuz you root might not always root someone? please. give my commando half the stuff you're playing with.

now snares and their necessity for sorcs...that I can empathize with. they need to slow you down and run away cuz they don't have the slew of dcds. I can't drum up the same sympathy for a gs/sniper and his root.
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