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Really? With those kind of statements you were obviously wanting a response, "look I killed u in pve gear lol!". Then you backpedal at resistance.
Clearly you're reading different words than I'm writing, and I'm not sure what I can do about that. I made a tongue in cheek comment (indicated very clearly by my use of an emoticon) that was only intended to communicate that you can still do damage and have some sort of an effect in PVE gear. Certainly more than you'd manage in Recruit gear under certain circumstances.

I even used the word "Seriously" to begin the next paragraph. Not sure how much more I could signpost it for you.

But your playing a combat sentinel which has crazy burst, plenty of roots to keep a healer in place and got a healing debuff and honestly I'm not surprised that you could kill a healer.
Fkn lol. PVE spec thanks. Didn't use any roots. Certainly don't have Crippling Throw on my bar (it's still at level 1, no upgrades purchased). How many times do I have to explain that Daffy wasn't playing properly? It's not that hard of a concept to communicate. If he had been, I wouldn't have been able to kill him.

So could you stop offending everyone that does pvp on this server by calling it low skill gap (lol coming from a sentinel, but then again I can see the sage stereotype attitude in there) and then saying we're inferior to the EU or US, like they are somehow better at pvp then us.
How about you stop being so sensitive? I'm willing to bet that if you identified the best PVP players from EU and US servers, they'd be better than you guys. I might be wrong. What's it to you anyway? It's my opinion on a video game.

Just as ridiculous as saying the US an EU are all better at doing operations then you.
The best US/EU ops groups are most likely better than us. This doesn't upset my precious sensibilities, though.
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