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11.06.2012 , 10:31 PM | #12
Stats/gear- 2 piece pvp set, 2 piece pve set.Go for high cunning,power and surge.Take as little alac as possible as it does the least for us, alittle is ok just not a heap.

Spec- any spec with 31 points in swabones is fine, feel free to tweak as you go.

Rotation/skills-no real rotation more a simple set of tools to use, For a start take kolto pack off your bar.
It casts the same speed as UWH,uses 5 less energy and consumes a UH charge while healing less than UWH and barely more than a instant heal. IMO its really not worth it.
Slow release med pac-Try to roll this on as many targets as possible, at a barest minimum use it on the Mt and OT.
Diag scan- Love this heal, ~1200+ healing in under 2 secs with chances to proc extra it,use it!!!
UWH- Our bomb heal, I use this alot and tend to follow up instantly with a instant heal. Watching 11k of heals land in a GCD is a beautiful thing.
Insta heal that uses UH- Also a glorious thing,great for stabilising people and getting them out of danger zones.
Dispel- When you can get away with not dispelling this is a handy little heal, instant,cheap and can crit upto 1k (in my gear)
Kolto cloud- Our only AOE heal and while it is not as powerful as the sorc heal it is a great tool. use in a clump of players or use it as another HoT on the tank. It ticks every second and for is critting just under 1k.