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I use this build for PVE and PVP. I like having +15% healing boost when Defense Screen is active, its nice for its moments, even tho it gets used up fast when zerged in PVP.

As for stats, max cunning and power. Since there are a few skillpoints that buffs critical hits (30% more crit damage to your big heal and aoe heal, higher crit chance for small free heal), having both crit and surge above 300 is handy. You dont want too much because of diminishing returns tho. Atm I got 321 crit rating and 450 surge rating, while only 114 alacrity rating. I might be better off switching some surge for alacrity and crit a bit closer to 350, but as this is an alt I haven't bothered too much in getting the perfect itemization or the absolute BiS. I'd say ~350 crit, 350-450 surge and the rest to alacrity. Some might do a bit lower, but I'm not saying my numbers are the best. Bottom line is you shouldn't ignore those stats.

When it comes to rotation, it mainly comes down to using 5 heals.
- Slow-release medpac: Ticks for big numbers and gives you extra Upper Hand charges. Spam this.
- Underworld medicine: Your main big heal. Builds UH. Great synergy with Emergency medpac.
- Emergency Medpac: Free and instant heal when you got spare UH charges. Nice to use instantly after a Underworld Medicine cast, which will make both heals apply at the same time, healing your target for big numbers at a total cost of 25 energy.
- Kolto Cloud: Aoe heal that heals 4 people over 6 seconds. Remember to pick up the +15% from PVP 2set.
- Diagnostic Scan: Free scan with very high chance of crit. Also builds energy. Great to use between slow-release medpac spam to keep energy above 70. Gets a lot better with some alacrity.
These are the 5 main heals you will use. Then theres the last healing ability, which is very situational.
- Kolto Pack: You don't really need to use this at all, but good healers will have it ready when needed. It heals for more than Emergency Medpack, but also costs 20 energy. This makes energy management a lot harder, which is why I'd advice to only use this for 'oh snap'-moments when you need to heal someone for a LOT and fast, and got Cool Head ready to get your energy back up.

And then its ofcourse to use Triage when needed. And keep your Pugnacity buff up at all times.