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I'm gonna be honest, you're coming off a little insecure here. You're playing a very casual MMO with an incredibly low skill gap (and not even in the US or EU for that matter), and you're getting upset about someone who claims to have killed you once (with a pocket healer) when you weren't playing properly, and who has even said he's not anywhere near as good of a PVP player as you. It's like you're out to confirm every negative stereotype about PVPers that there is. Just relax.
Really? With those kind of statements you were obviously wanting a response, "look I killed u in pve gear lol!". Then you backpedal at resistance.

But your playing a combat sentinel which has crazy burst, plenty of roots to keep a healer in place and got a healing debuff and honestly I'm not surprised that you could kill a healer.

So could you stop offending everyone that does pvp on this server by calling it low skill gap (lol coming from a sentinel, but then again I can see the sage stereotype attitude in there) and then saying we're inferior to the EU or US, like they are somehow better at pvp then us. Just as ridiculous as saying the US an EU are all better at doing operations then you.