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I use a 31/3/7 spec for healing ( Since I do pve and pvp, this spec suits me fine for both. For a pure pve build, medscreen is alright but I consider it an almost useless skill. Defense screen only absorbs about 2.5k, so if you're getting hit it'll be used up before you can heal. The only time you can use it and benefit is when you're not getting hit, which reduces its value as a defensive cooldown (although it does last 15 seconds).

For gear you should generally get the two piece bonuses off both the pve and pvp sets, I haven't because I like the look of the rakata and with my gear don't need it (I will for NM EC). Always get the skill armourings, advanced artful mods (the crit one works too), and the advanced insight and adept enchancements. Stack skill augments. Do pvp and get two war hero boundless ages relics (though the BM version is fine if you hate pvp)

Generally you want to go something along the lines of:

Crit rating to 350, surge to 250-300->rest in power and alacrity

The rotation has been covered already, but make sure you refresh SRM instead of letting it time out, with two stacks this will save you a lot of energy over the fight.

EDIT: I fixed up my askmrrobot profile, so use that as a almost entirely optimised gearing and spec guide. Note that if you're a pure pve'er, you may want to adjust my spec slightly.
thx and alot for the helpful info and yes i do pvp alot so do u mind also posting ur pvp gear if u can ?

do u mind me asking u how well do u do in pvp and pve ?

oh ya and a pure pvp spec how it should be look like respecing is not a problem and wont be in 1.5 since sup people can respec for free :P
Thank you again for the helpful info