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11.06.2012 , 09:04 PM | #900
While these forums have been toxic in a lot of ways, the negativity of this thread is only born of being let down.

I still love this game and will keep paying to enjoy it, but really what have the oceanic subscriber base got to look forward to this year? New vanity stuff, a new companion built on the reputation of a prior game, new dailies when so many people don't do the current ones as cash is plentiful, a new world boss (when we can't reliably down the last one because the player base is too thin), and more long queues for WZ and FPs and Ops.

All this while losing people to the normal game industry glut of christmas, and an influx of new players months away from being end game capable and reliable. In the mean time what is meant to be a MMO for causal games suffers from regular gamers logging in only casually. Not like the new free players will commit massive time to it, and casually players have lives so arn't on every night.

This is solved in the US and Europe by merged servers. Based off those words today we should not expect to see any action till February or March.

I get it, they cannot make a radical change right before an influx of players. But they can not hope to generate an influx to these servers just by releasing F2P. The asian market often finds less ping to the US servers anyway than Australia. The problems will still stand and poison the player base.

Do you think that there arn't guys already planning on day one of F2P to go to Korriban and Typhon and tell every new player to start on a more active server?
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