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I'm gonna be honest, you're coming off a little insecure here. You're playing a very casual MMO with an incredibly low skill gap (and not even in the US or EU for that matter), and you're getting upset about someone who claims to have killed you once (with a pocket healer) when you weren't playing properly, and who has even said he's not anywhere near as good of a PVP player as you. It's like you're out to confirm every negative stereotype about PVPers that there is. Just relax, eh?

At least Carthy has a sense of humour.

Edit: and for the last time, I said "killed", not "beat". We lost the warzone, as you'd expect. Winning is what matters, not individual stats or one-off kills.
Forum talk is boring me now, back to watching elections. But thanks for you input I'll be better next time. And I take this game 100% seriously ofc. Byee have a good day.