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Is Seer good at lower levels or should I go up a DPS tree until 20 or 40 or something? First 5 points in TK either way? Did anyone take artifice and find it helpful, or a complete waste of time? Which companion did you prefer?

Thanks in advance!
My main is seer. I play a TK alt. My Wife plays balance. Artifice on my main, all other crafts on alts.

Yes, first 5 points in TK is a good way to go, even if you intend to heal. Even if you intend to heal I'd spec dps until level 23 or so, and then respec. The difference in healing output doesn't really become that different until you get the 100% proc for force shelter from Rejuvenate. But the DPS output for the 3 trees is virtually the same up to about the same point. It boils down to how much you like using CC.

TK for running wihout CC - otherwise your extra AoE isn't useful
Heals for limited CC
Balance for lots of CC

Qyzen Fess is great for any spec, in either tank or dps gear. But if you run TK you'll probably work out best with creepy 'ol Theran, because of his short duration cc. Zenith, Nadia, & Iresso frequently break cc. But Zenith is probably the best choice for speed leveling a Balance sage. Nadia can be fun, & uses your hand-me-downs, but her audio file is just ear shattering after a while, and she gets beat up rather quickly. Use her if you're 14 and intend to put her in slave girl gear. The ship droid is just as capable a healer as theran with custom modded droid dps gear. He midigates about as much damage by melee tanking as Theran mitigates with Holiday. I run with the droid on my TK alt for kicks, easily soloing H2's & duoing H4's

Blue Artifice offhands are great for leveling - with the introduction of the modables though ~If you've got a cybertech ~ they're pointless to research. It's a great craft to have somewhere in your inventory for the item mods ~ if you intend to level more alts. It's been a huge benefit to all of my alts. But if this was your first toon ~ I'd tell you to take armormech ~ just for gearing companions and leveling other alts later. Companions are simply beastly in on-level armormech blues, and it's sooo much cheaper than modding gear.
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