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Thank you for the update! Keep them coming - this type of communication is good to hear, just needs more meat.

Suggested items to Address:

Level DPS % Spread! Many topics of conversation that SORC/SAGE and other classes are 15% difference in output from the FOTM (MDPS). I think decreased GCD and maybe buff DPS Tree's top items with % would close that gap.

Make PVP Fun! It's not fun when you force Recruit/PVE geared to fight Elite WH geared teams.
LIMIT que's by level of Expertise (3 Tiers) 0-900, 901-1200, 1201+.
- You want to smack around recruits? Then pull some gear off to make it a more even fight.
- Nothing fun about a 50 in recruit gear playing (STUN > DIE > STUN DIE Again > STUN > DIE, repeat...)
- Lets PVE folks POP in and still remain somewhat effective and not rage quit ALL PVP or SWTOR

Cartel Coins - Price Tag per coin (Real money)? Plus - The 200/150 per month for previous months of SUB's should be bumped up some. (Since you are giving 500 a month going forward - why not previously)

QA Review Prices! Example: Hazmat's @350 BH Comms (~20 points more over next tiered gear for only 35 BH Comms? ~150 seems to be more realistic)

Gear Progression / Set Bonus. Gearing is an issue and fixing the Set Bonus is the solution. If the bonus is the same for Dread Master 4pc as a Columi 4pc you have an issue. No reason not to purchase all the (63) Mods/Enhancements and place into Columi. Scale set bonus with actual SET and make them count for something more (THEN you will see more people cranking in HM's for that Set Bonus gear).
1. Not a meter watcher myself but sounds fair.

2. Also a good point on Pvp, my addition is this: to get into a recruit match you have to were ALL the recruit set. You cant go to a WH match until you have the entire WH set and are wearing it. That would be awesome. You get the entire recruit set for free so this should be easy.

3. Cartel Coins: Agree but not game breaking for me.

4. BH comms: Not really following, but I think you mean the cost in comms from one set to the next higher set is too closely priced. You may be right.

5> Set bonuses: They should be on the armorings, not the gear. The whole point is to be able to control your appearance and remain relevent to the players level. It should be cheaper, if not free to swap out mods from aquired gear into gear you want to wear. Different, and better set bonus is a good idea. Or how about a fifth mod slot FOR the set bonus? Cripes! One more thing to make!..LOL.