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@kabe - The implications — both immediate (Doc, noooooooo ) and far-reaching — of Coremi not being "the Jedi" are fascinating. I'm looking forward to discovering, as events unfold, what this will mean for her and the Emperor's shared fate. With so much of Scourge's vision already gone off the rails, how reliable is it now as a piece of prophecy?

@Vesaniae - I'm intrigued by how much more outwardly personable Lord Malavai is than Lt Quinn. The words are all the same, he still chants "efficiency" and "resources" like a mantra, but he feels like a much warmer version of himself. I suspect this is a direct consequence of his being Sith, ironically enough — Lord Malavai is secure enough in his position of power that he can afford to extend these acts of kindness to the Force-blind under his command.

More Coldfire, with Fixer 23 and That Guy From IA Balmorra. (Does he still count as a spoiler? I'm honestly not sure.) Solitude: Debriefing.

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