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Christ.. its been proven it does exactly the opposite. This is not the first game which has had the premade vs pug problem, this is not the first game that lost large chunks of the population because of it. Do some research, play some other games, see what the results are. The damn digging in your heels, sky is going to fall mentality has got to end.
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Okay, okay... whew, I think I'm done.... ahahahahahahahaa...

>.< Okay, so while taking a break from BL2, I got a little curious and went to check out some stuff on GW2 and this supposed Solo/Group split queue master piece I keep hearing about.

>.< You neglected to mention the only "Premade" pvp they had were Tournaments (which you must have a full 5 man team), not the regular matchmaking. So no, GW2 hasn't split -normal- pvp into PuG only and Premade queues.

Secondly, if I'm reading this correctly standard, average pvp is something called a HoT-join, which can't be joined as a group (so again, not a split queue there, simply not allowed.) Funny enough, people have found a way (video dated Aug 30st, 2012) to join into these hot-joins with their budddies, by entering the same Match with enough spaces at the same time (or hitting join friend in pvp) and ending up on the same team 90%. So much for that theory.

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So not only is GW2's "queue" system completely different from SWTor's, they official have no -normal- group pvp, and their PuG only option fails >.< ... Nice.

Edit2: <.< oh ya, and from what I can see, GW2's pvp (Hot-joins) is -all- cross-server.

Edit: Also, Google searches for "PuG only PvP options" and similiar searches have turned up nothing. Name one.