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11.06.2012 , 07:16 PM | #13
As I said before I'm not the best healer haha. And I find it amusing the amount of people that get their egos buffed up or take pride in killing me solo or not. (Not saying you have an ego, who knows you might in PvE *shrug*) If you remember so well, mind telling me what wz? Refresh my memory a bit. Because to me your nothing but a random one time PvP player that takes pride in killing me enough to post about how taking a pocket healer, you can beat Carthy and I in PvE gear. Sorry but please. Because you're a nobody in PvP let me tell you that Carthy and I take the most damage in wzs. Just about always. But please! Tell me about that amazing encounter against a dummy. I'm all ears and listening. ^_^