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In the mean time paid transfers will hopefully be implemented.
Wow, I really can't understand this attitude. This is a good game and I like it, but it's buggy as hell, new content coming out is not that exciting. I can't see why you would want to pay to fix a problem caused by the company you are already paying money too. They fixed this problem for all the non APAC players months ago now and they are all getting much more for their money than we are.
Here is a list of things to do other than give more money to a company that is proving bad service to you, the paying customer:
  • Play another game, 100% new content, lots of good ones out there
  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Exercise
  • Watch paint dry
  • Bang your head against a wall
  • Burn your money

Only reason I'm still here is because I found a good guild recently that help for Rep side 50 content. Imp side and non 50 play is still unacceptable due to lack of action from Bioware/EA
I'm not sure how much longer I'll continue to pay though. I definitely won't pay to fix this problem myself. That is adding insult to injury.
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