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I swear most people don't read lol. At least Foxmob get's it.

I am going to say this one more time. Roots adding to the resolve system I proposed will NOT affect a snipers capacity to root and slow in a 1v1 situation. I have played a gunslinger, I know full well how much time gunslingers spend rooting/slowing knocking back and generally trying to keep mobs off of them. Quite frankly the class is WEAK vs mobs and strong vs individual targets. They can't root en mass. That class is at the mercy of the rest of their team more than any other class. If your team is bad you will get rolled and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. You need your teammates as a meat shield to keep the mobs back so you can pick off targets.

The current system has the resolve bar filling up continuously. When stuns are not used it takes a little while for the resolve bar to start to decay. My system has the resolve bar decaying constantly. If you manage to fill the resolve bar completely full you get punished for it.. and rightfully so! Firing off a root every 9 seconds will NOT fill someones resolve bar to full. Hell, even if 5 warriors leap to you at the same time it would still only add 200 net resolve points. The maximum duration you can be rooted with my system is 10 seconds. 10 seconds is long time to be standing in 1 spot but under the current resolve system you can be stuck in the one spot indefinitely which is an absolutely freaking joke!

Now onto this 3 v 1 crap and saying my system does nothing. I'm probably wasting my time here but I'll spell it out anyway.

Let's assume player A is being attacked by player B and C within the current resolve system. All 3 players are of the same skill level, have the same hit points and damage, etc. Player A will reduce the health of player B by 50% before he dies while player C is at full health. Now let's throw stuns into the mix. Player A will likely do no damage to player B and C because they have twice the stuns and will be able to "stunlock" him to the point where he has no opportunity to attack, pop defenses, stun back, whatever....

Now let's assume that player A is of high skill level and player B and C are scrubs. Player A, because of optimal rotations, ends up churning out a little more than twice the damage of B and C. In this scenario player A will kill both player B and C. Now let's add stuns back into the mix. Player A should defeat player B but in turn be defeated by player C. Do you see the bigger picture here?

Stuns are a substitute for skill. That's my gripe! If 5 players set on me , sure I know I am likely going to die but at least if my skill level is high enough I could take out 1 or 2 players. I could pop defenses, I could delay them long enough for teammates to show up, etc. With the current resolve system it's stun stun stun death... so yes! the resolve changes I made make a HUGE difference! They are designed to punish players who lob stuns as a crutch, penalizing them for filling up the resolve bar. This is the way it damn well should be. That's the whole freaking point of having a resolve system. It's supposed to offset the stupid amount of stuns produced by the sheer volume of players and make the game actually enjoyable!

The current resolve system is BROKEN and yes I love how you skipped over the point made about bioware changing it implying it isn't functioning as intended ROTFL.