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No what most people are worried about, is anything that might drive up queue times.
Christ.. its been proven it does exactly the opposite. This is not the first game which has had the premade vs pug problem, this is not the first game that lost large chunks of the population because of it. Do some research, play some other games, see what the results are. The damn digging in your heels, sky is going to fall mentality has got to end.

Again for the slow amongst you, in all games that have implemented it it improved queue times, not worsened them. And no, cross server queues are not going to happen. What this game needs a immediate fix, something to keep the existing players interested and the F2P players hooked.

And Doom, go read my *********** posts.. you've got enough time to write page long posts but not enough to read the replies. I'm done repeating myself to you.
Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller
We have very measurable statistics that tell us if people lose a certain number of Warzones in a row being stun locked by a team of Operatives, then that might be part of that, and they will be not as likely to re-subscribe.