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You say you want to talk about the topic - but it's not a discussion when one party refuses to listen to the other. Trying to talk to Bioware about this is like talking to a brick wall.

You've come out and said you are waiting to see what F2P is going to do - have you seen the above posts? Have you read this thread? This community has already determined, with absolute finality, exactly how F2P will NOT solve the server population issue.

I'm not going to re-hash the stats but - Merge the servers. No-one is going to leave, no-one cares anymore and if there are limited amounts of players that DO care about PvP or PvE playability, offer them transfers to the States.

This community wants and needs a reasonable solution. F2P will have zero impact on the situation.
I wouldn't go so far as to say zero impact, there will still be some impact. I just believe as a general rule that f2p players generally go to the highest populated servers.