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Try to avoid a pug if they're pugging more than 3 people. When half the raid is strangers, I think that's the turning point where pug leaders go from confident to nervous.
I couldn't agree more. I would never try to run a OPS that wasn't a guild run. If they were a alliance guild ,on your freinds list and some one vouches for them. Bring them. Now the OP said he is in rakata, many of us rember when rakata was a commodity. I disagree with the raid leader who declined your admittance. BH is to easy to come by, give a guy who has full rakata and it proves to me he has some experiance as a raider. As a shadow tank most of the rakata is better than the black hole.
Now on player quality vs. gear- i would rather have a optimized rakata/BH geared tank for story mode TFB. Why you ask? The FINAL phase of TFB is a bit hectic. Even if all people know the fights well enough the issue becomes how many mistakes can the group take before its a wipe. With that said, the OP would have easily passed my requirements for a raid with us.