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I understand that. But if people don't press spacebar because they don't want to, for whatever reason, it's still pointless to tell them to do so. It is mega annoying to have to read the press-spacebar-flame-spam when it's clear that one member simply wants to see the scene. He won't spacebar because he doesn't want to, not because nobody told him to do it.
I read you. I havent had this happen to me yet but i'm sure it will. When it does i'll just ignore them I havent played since january so there are lots of FP's and OP's that i hadnt done so yeah i'm gonna enjoy the story. Just that once but i'm not gonna spacebar that first time anyway.

I'm also not about to bug someone else to do so. I mean ..enough time is saved with all the mob skipping people do these days.. its nuts.
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