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11.06.2012 , 05:59 PM | #434
Doomsday what I'm saying though even without cross server implemented won't slow q's down much at all. If you make it so that teams can be mixed faction (when needed) and you make a good premade matching system (not a 100% premade vs premade but a wait a few mins for other premades instead of no attempt to match at all) then pvp will be much improved and without a large increase to q times.

This isn't hard to implement. Cross server is apparently difficult for them but this should be relatively easy. There are many times where multiple premades are q'n regular, however because there will almost always be more pug qr's than premade q'rs and the ppl q at slightly different times then these premades often don't face eachother with the current system. If they were to wait a couple mins then they could.

Also this would put an end to sync q'n since they would just end up against eachother in many situations. I was going to do rated yesterday on one of my chars and then we couldn't get a pop so we just sync q'd. It worked once and didn't once. It should be very hard to get this to work lol.

And sure later a ranking type system could be put in place but I'd rather a simple fast fix be done first.