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11.06.2012 , 05:55 PM | #159
I stand by my first post on this topic. I will add that I will usually ask as we enter if a speed run with spacebars is ok. Most of the time it is, but sometimes we get the occasional new player that hasn't seen the content before. I will continue to reserve my wrath for those that insist that spacebar is the only way and insist that it must be used.

It's ok to ask, it's not ok to demand.

Scream spacebar repeatedly in one of my runs and you'll be the one vote kicked. Ask nicely and you will get a lot farther.

I will tolerate a lot of things, treating fellow players like crap is not one of them.

Yes, I'm a tank. Don't like playing nice with others? Want to be rude and abusive? Go find another group because you're not worth the effort to try to reason with.

It's not about you requesting that we hit the spacebar on conversations, nor is it even about the length of time it takes to do the run, it's about the minority dictating to the majority and demanding it go their way. Your right to spam "spacebar" is blocked by my ability to vote kick you for being a self entitled dick if it becomes too irritating.

Being a geared tank running with a geared guild healer means that no matter how much ragequit aggro you bring, the group at large is likely to survive any rage you bring and ensures that I'll certainly be doing my best to make known to anybody paying attention on fleet all about your whiny entitled baby attitude and indefensible attempt to bully a group into doing your bidding.

Here's another fact: When the tank and healer agree on the subject, guess how far your wannabe mega hyper speed run will get and guess how much longer it'll take in group finder if you ragequit and have to start over.

YOU do not dictate to ME how I run, how I tank or play. Period. I don't mind spacebar runs and I don't mind story runs, even in hardmode. It's not your place to tell me or anybody else in the group how to play. Don't like it? Don't queue.