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Prophecy of the five has much better groups than any of the other servers, even though the latest server merge made them weaker (fatman players are REALLY BAD). Cross server q's will not save this game. People on other servers are going to get a significant dose of reality.
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First, lemme state -my- position again before making any comment, in the hopes we can avoid the usual false assumptions and petty insults.

50's pvp needs two things:

1. Cross server queueing for a great population/pool.
2. Better matchmaking that tries to match players according to group size. The typical match should be a 3-4 man premade, and then 4-5 pugs.

Yes I play in a group. I also have a 40hrs a week job, 3 hours commute, and several prior engagements/commitments, including a decent amount of time spent with my SO in Tera.
^_^ yes, for PuG's to be happy, we need more than X-server.