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11.06.2012 , 05:44 PM | #884
Even if F2P brings in thousands of new APAC players BioWare, these are not the players we want, nor are they the players we need. Any new F2P players that join will take months to get to max level. Not only that, they have limited access to WZs. No access to Operations. No access to Ranked WZs.

The population is affecting people right now, already level 50 and wanting to PvP and do operations, and we are asking for a fix right now. This cannot wait for weeks after F2P hits for your evaluation. The only short-term issue F2P will affect is the pre-50 WZ queue times. The people complaining about the population are already level 50 and are unable to get a level 50 WZ in peak hours.

How are you even planning on evaluating our population issues after F2P? "60 players on Dromund Kaas and 90 on Korriban? APAC players are fine now. <3 BioWare" simply won't cut it.

Even if I start seeing 200 people on fleet again after F2P it will mean squat to me if I still can't find a replacement for an open position in an Ops group - which is exactly what will happen (if it attracts more players to our servers at all).